Inside Tinywater Photography’s Unique Perspective

About Tinywater

While this is not the official page, we get a real sense of the minds behind Tinywater and the passions that drive them so we wanted to share with you. Dan and Caroline are the founders, with the name stemming from the calming inspirations they both get from the water. As a natural element, it represents the flow of their photography methods, opting for free, expressive photos while enjoying the process. The name also stems from an active appreciation for water and they integrate it into their everyday life with Caroline swimming, sailing, jet skiing and scuba diving, it seems she is rarely out of the water at all!

One thing that is clear; photography is their passion and they are enjoying being different to other photographers out there in both mentality and process. They don’t like people being deceitful and love to hang out, talk about what they do and are happy to give you prices over an informal cup of coffee or sushi! For fledgling photographers they also offer one on one consultations to go over your photos and to pick their brain to improve your own technique. With their free nature and flowing photography shining through in photos, it is easy to see why they get excellent results.