Inside Tinywater Photography’s Unique Perspective

Business Photography

You may have heard of a headshot, particularly when thinking about models or actors. While this is true and commonly their traditional use, that’s not their sole purpose anymore. Nowadays headshots can be used for:
- Your social media or business profiles e.g. LinkedIn or forum commenting platforms
- Business portfolios that you send out to clients
- Website or marketing promotions
- Online publications e.g. eBooks, training courses

But why pay a photographer to take them? A lot of the time, business professionals feel they can get the same results, taking the photos themselves but this is not the case, and here’s why:

1. They are an investment
Headshots are something you can use time and time again which means they are an investment. As mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to utilize your headshot and this professional image may be the element that puts you above the competition and lands you the client. So, in that way, they are financially worth it long-term.

2. Professional Finish
Unless you are a photographer or have access to the expensive programs they use, you won’t get the same technical level of finish and understanding to your photos. DIY photoshop is all over the internet with some hilariously terrible results but you don’t want that to reflect you.

3. Excellent Lighting
In photography, it’s all about the lighting and this means that understanding and using it effectively to get the result you want is an art form. Luckily, photographers will usually use their own lighting set up with back drops in a studio, or they will know how to best utilize natural lighting to give the effect you want.

4. Posing Perfection
As a business professional, posing may not come naturally to you so a photographer will be able to give you tips and advice on how best to come across. Some poses may give the wrong body language or misinterpreted so having a trained eye can avoid any embarrassment.

What you need to ultimately remember is that you are putting your face out there in a business capacity and therefore you should look the part. You wouldn’t turn up to a business interview or function in a pair of sweatpants so why use a poorly edited photo for your professional platforms?