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Wedding Photography

Photography at weddings is popular, so much so, it’s an entire niche of its own, but for many, it could be the only interaction with a photographer they’ve ever had. It’s one of the most important life events that not only needs to capture the physical but the emotional memories that will be cherished in years to come. So, here’s how you can make this important decision easier:

Get a Referral – Ask local friends and family or put the questions out to the local community for their recommendations. Referrals mean that others have tried and tested the photographer and know their skills, you could even ask to look at their wedding album or be sent some digital copies. If no one has a referral, see if the photographer has any available testimonials from previous weddings.

Schedule An Interview – Always meet your photographer beforehand to get an instinctive feel or gut feeling on them. Make sure that your personalities gel because it’s a creative element and personality plays a huge part in perspective. An interview beforehand ensures you are the right fit for each other before making any commitments.

Discuss Style – Some photographers have special skillsets or preferences so always discuss the style that you are after. For example, some are black and white or nature experts so make this known and they can get more creative. This also allows them to make preparations for equipment and lighting, as well as line up your expectations with theirs.

Consider a Team – For larger weddings you want to make sure you aren’t going to miss anything so hiring a photography team could be an excellent idea. This means you can have one photographer shadowing the couple while the others capture the guests and different views. It can make for a comprehensive album as well as capturing the whole night.

Talk About Copyright – Many photographers will retain the rights to the photos which means you could unwittingly be included in their next promotion or ad without your permission. In addition to this you may not be able to share your photos or have them printed in the way you would like so it is important to discuss rights and usage before contracts are signed.

Talk About Post – Post production is a lengthy process that many forget about. It can mean that you will have to wait upwards of a month for your photos to arrive and if they are being heavily edited it will take longer. Discuss this with your photographer so that you aren’t left disappointed after your big day.

Remember that it is your wedding day and the right photographer is important, so always go with your instinct and meet a photographer first. Those who can’t show you a portfolio or referrals should be avoided!