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Portrait Photography

So, you’ve booked a portrait session, but what do you need to do next? It is common to start frantically searching for how to prepare, what you need to bring and what to expect so we’ve taken all the hard work out for you. Here are our top tips for preparing for a portrait session.

1. Consider Themed Wardrobe
When there are more of you, consider co-ordinating what you wear for a cleaner look. This could be something simple like a white t-shirt and jeans, or more intricate like a seasonal inspired outfit.

2. Fight Boredom
Bring a magazine or games with you if there are more than one of you. Waiting around can be boring and kids need to be entertained. It is better to take regular breaks and refresh than trying to push through for longer.

3. Change Backdrop
Don’t be afraid to organise different locations, scenes or backdrops to your portraits so that you have many different ones each time. It can make a collection of photos more interesting and gives a better range to choose from. Just be sure to let the photographer know ahead of time.

4. Stay Fed
Take snacks and water with you, particularly if you have kids but even if you don’t. No one performs well when they are hungry and it can show through in the pictures, making children particularly difficult to work with.

5. Less is More
Don’t feel like you have to wear a lot of make-up, even if you have new spots or breakouts. This is because a lot of editing and touching up can be done post photography and too much make-up can ruin the shot and make it difficult to change. Plus, you’re beautiful as is.

6. Relay Expectations
Let the photographer know what you want to achieve before the session so they can prepare too. From a family portrait to gifts for the spouse, they can achieve the look and atmosphere you are going for.

7. Allow A Week
Do not make any sudden changes less than a week before the shoot. This includes, spray tans, haircuts, new cosmetic treatments or make-up. This is because your hair and skin need time to settle after big changes and tans will need to fade, plus, new procedures can have reactions you aren’t expecting and ruin your photos!

Hopefully you will now be able to go into your portrait photography session prepared, excited and ready for some amazing photos.